Critically acclaimed
It’s A Secret Studio™, aka
3rd Sector Entertainment, is
considered one of Hollywood's
premier independent DVD Studios.
Now on our eleventh year as an
exclusive full service DVD
production studio, It’s A Secret™
has completed 100’s of DVDs
for the independent film and
television communities.

Based in Los Angeles,
It’s A Secret ™ has produced DVDs
for such major films as “The Cooler”
“Cabin Fever" “Amores Perros” and
“American Psycho” in addition to
platinum selling music DVD titles.

The artists include “Mick Jagger”
"Cher" "Joni Mitchell” “Bob Marley”
“Janet Jackson” “Alice Cooper” “U2”
"Pearl Jam" “The Moody Blues” “Bryan Adams” “Kiss” “Santana” & “Tom Jones” as well as the 20th anniversary "We Are The World” special edition DVD,

45 of the biggest names in popular music history. TV box sets include “Dick Cavett” "Spin City" “Here’s
Lucy” “Groucho” “SCTV” “Miracles”
“Punky Brewster” “The Job” "Paper Chase" and “The Electric Company” among many others.

It’s A Secret ™ offers
a complete DVD studio solution
all under one roof, 100% digital

and totally integrated. We provide
a complete line of professional
quality video & audio encoding,
authoring, online editing, multi-
channel surround sound mixing &
value added material production.

Producing complete
DVD's from concept through
final DLT delivery is our business.
Catering to the independent
film and television community,
It’s A Secret ™ has helped many
directors, producers, & distrib-
utors bring their vision to reality.
Our work is consistently above
our competitors’ capabilities and
our clients’ expectations.